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Thirders Foundation is very grateful to the following contributors for their generous support of this life changing work.

  • Fred W. Alpers, Ohio
  • Doris & Alex Bally, Pennsylvania
  • Bass and Khury, Inc., Nevada
  • Adelaide Braun, Pennsylvania
  • Mona & W. Boyd Callender, Pennsylvania
  • Eleanor Christy, Pennsylvania
  • Kathy & Robert Christy, Pennsylvania
  • Larry Christy, Virginia
  • Henry Crutcher, Georgia
  • Lora Erickson-Dempsey & Michael Dempsey, Virginia
  • Holly & Joseph Dencker, Colorado
  • Kendall Dorsett, California
  • Elderton State Bank, Pennsylvania
  • Violet & David Elmore, California
  • Phyllis Elwell, New Jersey
  • Marilyn Gearhart, Pennsylvania
  • Carol Gardner & Terry Thomas, Virginia
  • Cary & Jeff Goodstein, Virginia
  • Shelley Herson, New Hampshire
  • Don Heuer, Arkansas
  • Mary & Michael Holden, Arizona
  • Roger Hutchings, M.D., Oregon
  • Ed Jacobs, New York
  • John W. James, Illinois
  • Donna M. Kaiser, Pennsylvania
  • Roy Kirkman, Colorado
  • Karen & Jeffry Klugman, M.D., Connecticut
  • Sam Marx, Pennsylvania
  • Morley G. Melden, New York
  • Walter M. Noel, Connecticut
  • Darla & Robert Phelps, Virginia
  • Paul Schimmel, Ph.D., California
  • Robert Shure, Vermont
  • Theron Skyles, California
  • Gerald L. Smith, D.D.S., Texas
  • Leslie Smith-Kennedy, Colorado
  • Lynn Sparrow, Virginia
  • Stark & Roth Investments, Wisconsin
  • John M. Stoklosa, Minnesota
  • Stewart Sugarman, M.D., Connecticut
  • Francis Sweeney, Massachusetts
  • Hans Tauchnitz, Pennsylvania
  • Transact Corporation, Wyoming
  • Trendvest Corporation, Virginia
  • Trendvest Corporation, Wyoming
  • Chizuko Tsuyama, Japan
  • Naftali Wachsman, England
  • David E. Walbert, Florida
  • Charlotte & David F. Walbert, Esq., Georgia
  • Nancy Young, Florida

In the interest of financial integrity and accountability Thirders Foundation, Inc. makes any and all of our financial information available for public inspection upon request. We do not disclose any personal information regarding individual contributors other than listing them by name and state or country on this website in recognition and gratitude for their support unless they request to be listed anonymously. We do not share contributor information with any other organization or entity in order to protect the personal privacy of these individuals.

Your tax-deductible charitable contributions can be sent to: Thirders Foundation, Inc., R.D. #1, Box 204, Shelocta, PA 15774. If you prefer the convenience and security of donating online please click on one of the links below.


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