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The bombed out ruins of the former Royal Palace - representative of the past 25 years of war and suffering in Afghanistan.

Dr. Tim Fader (center) Medical Director of the Afghan Health Consortium visiting with the Director (left) and Doctor in Charge (right) of the ARIA Medical Clinic in Kabul, Afghanistan sponsored by Help the Afghan Children, Inc.

Representatives of the Afghan government and coalition authorities with Dr. Tim Fader and other hospital staff at the ceremony turning management of Hope Hospital over to the Afghan Health Consortium.

Dr. Tim Fader and his wife Patti accepting a donation from Italian coalition troops of an ambulance for Hope Hospital.

Major reconstruction work was required to restore Hope Hospital to a useable condition. 

Hope Hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Hope Hospital - Open for business !!

Two laboratory technicians at Hope Hospital. Both of these women had a 5 year gap in their resumes as a result of some of the difficult times they experienced living through the terrible conflicts that have plagued Afghanistan.


Some of the many Afghan women and children benefiting from the services of the ARIA clinic in Kabul.

Some of the ever present inquisitive outgoing children that have known only war but are now the future of Afghanistan.

Hopefully this child's smile foretells a brighter future for her and for Afghanistan!



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